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SECOM provides an advanced Control Center 24/7 for your premises. We fully understand the importance of keeping your property safe from intruders. This refers to a situation where informing physical response assistance is required when the system is unable to act. This can be an action to detect thieves, to interact with visitors at the entrance to a building, or to secure people and property from theft and damage.

The Control Center will quickly dispatch SECOM Beat Engineer (physical response team from skilled security professionals) from the closest station upon any variation of signal that occurs in the system. In the event that is required, Control Center will also contact the Police or Fire Department.

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This benefit is also completed with Emergency Key Holding benefit when you’re out of town or when something crisis happens. This allows SECOM to take a quick reaction to your site.

In terms of the set and re-set the alarm system or in case you overlook the activation, SECOM Control Center will receive a signal and contact you to inform you that the system must be activated. SECOM also gives occasional checking to all the frameworks of SECOM equipment.

All of this combines to create a complete security solution for your site. As such, you will get more peace of mind knowing that your things are safe and sound even while you’re away.

SECOM Control Center

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