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Secom PX Integration System

SECOM PX is a fully integrated security system, Enabling you to effectively handle Access Control, Alarm, CCTV, and other systems from one central location.

  • Handle an unlimited number of card users
  • A scalable solution, which has a proven record in managing thousands of sites
  • Integrates with more than 50 different CCTV Brands
  • Trusted by major, global corporations within financial & banking as well as other industries


Dynamic Security Levels
In the case of an emergency, areas can be set to change security level, and only allow cards with a particular security level to be granted access.

Web Based Card Access Management
Issuing cards, changing security levels and generating card access reports can all be done using a standard web browser.

Seamless Escalation of Alarms
Alarms that have not been actioned within a set time can be escalated by having them automatically sent to a new operator according to pre-defined roles

Customized User Interface
The operator instruction screen can be customized according to personal preferences with dockable windows and personalized audio files.

Monitoring & Response by SECOM
SECOM can provide professional monitoring & response service.