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SECOM proudly provides CCTV solution to all market sectors as we have been doing design, installation and maintenance for over 20 years in Indonesia. Recently the demand of CCTV system is increasing not only in medium or large business sectors but also in small business sector. We are confident we can offer the best design to meet your business needs.

CCTV System Design

SECOM offers the good system design in order to meet your requirements with efficiency and reliability.

Our experienced security consultant will do the survey and advise you on important matters. During the survey, we define these matters as important:



  • The type of cameras and their location
  • Which recording equipment will suitable and provide good quality of images
  • Define the storage capacity in accordance with your requirements
  • Adjust/improve ambient light levels if needed

 After the survey, they will advise you on whether an IP or Analogue solution is suitable your budget and requirement.

CCTV Equipment

SECOM provides a wide range of CCTV equipment in order to meet each individual’s requirement on each business sector. We offer a choice of traditional Analogue CCTV systems to the latest IP based digital CCTV systems.

We always advise you the best solution to meet your current and future requirements.