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Visitor Management System

In many situations, there is a need for a specialized user interface catering to receptionists and guards that enables the check-in process of visitors and/or contractors to be quick and efficient. In many cases, this process needs to possible in less than 20 seconds from entry to printed badge. Customers can feel confident that the powerful access control capabilities of the SECOM PX solution are complemented by an easy-to-use Visitor Management System (VMS).

secom-vmsThe integration between SECOM PX’s and VMS is simple and seamless. Receptionist can register a visitor or contractor with ease and assign them with a predefined list of access control permissions. Based on this information, the card data is downloaded to the SECOM PX field controller(s) and the visitor or contractor has immediate access to the appropriate doors for a finite period.

A full audit trail of their movements is generated and reports can be produced. A visitor’s card will deactivate if returned and checked back in to VMS or it will self-expire based on the programmed expiration parameters.

The SECOM PX and VMS Integration also enables the following to be achieved:

  • Scan arriving visitors Photo ID or business card
  • Print professional looking, full color, customized badges by visitor type
  • Enable any or all employees to pre-register their visitors via the intranet/internet to more tightly control who is authorized to enter your facilities
  • Automatically identify returning visitors, expected visitors and visitors on a watch list
  • Track assigned visitor access cards
  • Automatically notify the host employee of a visitor’s arrival via email
  • Visitors can enter their own data on a self registration terminal or touch screen PC