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Walkthrough & Handheld Metal Detector

Events attracting large numbers of the public which require security checks with walk-through Metal Detectors for everyone entering are becoming more and more common. Such events include trade fairs, sporting events, concerts, conventions, important holiday celebrations and so on.

Metal Detectors for public events have to offer extremely high performance in terms of detection capability and transit flow, and need to be particularly compact to allow them to be transported, installed and, at the end of the operation, removed easily. In cases where the event security checks are carried out in the open, the detectors also have to be able to operate in all weather conditions.

SECOM provides various type of handheld and walkthrough metal detector based on requirement and environment condition.

Types of Metal Detector

Gate Type

It can detect metals in the luggage of those who walk through the gates. Mostly it will be installed at the entrance. The advantage is that when there are many entrants, the entering and exiting flow will not be interrupted.

Handy Type

Handy metal detectors will usually be installed together with a gate type. It can be used to inspect the entrants. It can especially useful to inspect those who walk through a metal detector after a warning signal has set off. The officer inspects them thoroughly over the body.