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Rising Step Road Blocker & Bollards

Rising Step Road Blocker & Bollards are designed to prevent unauthorized vehicles from crashing trough controlled entry and exit points. Built for fast reliable and efficient operation, these barriers are capable of withstanding high impact loads.

The frame and structure of the Rising Barrier is fabricated from heavy gauge steel fully welded prior to hot dip galvanizing which ensures maximum protection against corrosion. The barrier is hinged on its full length by a continuous stainless steel bar. The impact face of the barrier is reinforced with steel ribs and impact plates to transfer mechanical forces to the required and suitable reinforced concrete foundation. The top cover is made of galvanized steel checker plate.


The barrier is operated from high speed hydraulic cylinders. A power pack containing an electric motor-pump assembly and an accumulator is installed adjacent to the barrier in a lockable enclosure. Limit switches provide feed back for the fully up or fully down position of the barrier.