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Pedestrian Gate & Barrier

Pedestrian Gate & Barrier take care of access control in a wide variety of situations, supporting reception staff in their work. Our proven Access Control Systems have no problem managing pedestrian flows – even at peak times.

Versions with collapsible arms, turnstile, swing or flap barrier provide free escape routes in both directions in emergencies situation.

Swing or Flap

Flap gate will only open to authorized persons such as keycard holders; you can identify who-when-where he/she entered. Flap gate can prevent tailgating and piggybacking, there is also an high flap gate model which prevent unauthorized person from jumping across the gate.


A three-arm gate, which can be accessed only by one person per time. It can prevent tailgating and piggybacking. Equipped with a rotating support system, you can enter and exit the area smoothly. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications.