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Key Management System

Who has been using the company car? Which key did the technician take out? SECOM has the intelligent management system for keys which provides answers to your daily ‘key questions’.

It allows to identify keys and users and keeps you informed of key issuing and returning. The issuer simply identifies by card, presents the key to be handed over and finally the taker presents his/her card. The management software in the background records date and time the key was taken.

An integrated RFID-card or Bio-metric Identification Reader provides user identification for fast and efficient trace-ability of your keys in a busy environment in need of increased security.

SECOM offers an intelligent solution for managing, tracking, and auditing keys, assets and valuables. It operates on the field-proven contact-less RFID technology using a unique patented device with locking mechanism to identify and secure the keyTags.

Key access and return is fully automated. Equipped with a visual LED aid, the system displays instant information as to which key is authorized to be taken and from which key slot location. A full audit trail is registered immediately in the system on the keyTag that is taken or returned ensuring total control and accountability.