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Retail Security

Planning the best security for your store may sometimes make you confuse with that balance itself. Of course you want to make your store more welcoming, relaxed and a pleasant place for customers. On the other hand, you may also need to make your store safer and to protect your stocks and staffs from any crimes.

Yes, SECOM can provide the solution. We have many experience to provide the security systems to retailers without making their customer feel unwelcome. We can install our security system to your store quickly without disruption to your customers or daily trading activities in line with our commitment to provide the quality of services.

At SECOM, we understand that each store has its own unique security needs. We can offer you our Custom-Made security system to fulfill your requirements. Here are some of the retail security systems we offer:


Integrated Retail Security

Among the retail business, the largest threat is not intruders breaking in but the small crimes can cause the largest loss like shoplifting. We believe it is wise to invest in one of our security solutions to prevent it.

We can design and install a CCTV System that will let you keep an eye on your shop floor and to monitor your staffs’ daily activities as well.

We also can provide Intruder Alarm System to prevent anyone who want break/sneak into your premise and keep your daily activities safe from any unwelcome visitors.