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Leisure & Hospitality

SECOM believes that Shopping Malls, Sport Centers, and Hotels are the kind of places where people would like to visit to relax and enjoy. It means the business owner should consider to ensure customers feel safe and able to have fun without any worries.

Considering the leisure industry, it has a lot of issues that other business fields do not have to deal with.

Many companies choose to have security guard to prevent any crimes. However it sometimes conflicts with the main objective: to make customer feel safe and relax. SECOM can provide discreet systems that will provide the customers to have fun without any worries.

Security Solutions for Leisure Industry

SECOM can provide the integrated security solutions to make sure the customers and the staffs are protected from any crimes without any unwelcoming ambience.

We can design and install an integrated security solution in accordance with any requirements. The integrated security solution can connect with Access Control, CCTV and Intruder Alarm to prevent any crimes. Moreover our system will be designed with a way to have minimum impact upon the facilities and customers.